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9 MAY. 2020 - 7PM (PST) 

A mentorship opportunity for Indigenous, Indigiqueer, 2spirit and queer folx in burlesque, drag or other types of cabaret performance, followed by performances on May 9, 2020 at 7pm PST. 

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We hope this event to bring together our Indigenous and queer community in a shared experience, at a time when community connection is needed more than ever.



Sparkle Plenty is Vancouver's glamedian, weirdlesquer and word-maker-upper who has been delivering beautifully bizarre burlesque acts for over 10 years! This fiery goddess is Cree with mixed heritage and is a proud sister of the first ever all Indigenous burlesque group, Virago Nation. You can find her teasing and emceeing with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society as well as on stages all over Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas and more. Sparkle has been invited as a featured performer in burlesque festivals in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton as well as queer and Indigenous arts festivals throughout the city.


RainbowGlitz is one of Virago’s Nations founding members and Vancouver's Rainbow slut that spreads her  love medicine in a mix of classic, nerdlesque, exotic dance and pussy cat doll hip hop movement. This Haida, Squamish, musqueam and black artist will leave you wanting to throw your pot of gold at the end of her rainbow.


“Mover, Shaker, Mischief Maker; the Furiously Flirtatious Force of Nature”

 2Spirit Gitxsan artist and activist Shane Sable has slayed stages all over Vancouver in front of and behind the scenes since 2011. Shane has an abiding hunger for audience engagement and delights in the tension created by breaking the 4th wall of burlesque. Shane is the convening member of Virago Nation - Turtle Island’s first all-indigenous burlesque collective and Festival Administrator for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.


Mavis Vontresse is a self-proclaimed Granny Chic Supermodel of the World! She likes long walks on the beach and deep fried pickles. Known for her show-stopping performances and Sunday-best runway looks, she is a Queen for the People serving “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of sassiness!” Not only is she gorgeous and intelligent, she's also kind...and humble. Her most notable credit, is when she played a body double on the set of the Wizard of Oz, standing in for one Judy Garland. When she isn't on-stage, Mavis can be seen doing crosswords from Tiger Beat Magazine or daydreaming about Marlon Brando. She is proud to represent Treaty 7 and Southern Alberta as she mentors aspiring Drag Monarchs.


Small in stature, large in heart, and with a Publicly-Funded Flat Chest, this performer twirls around the spectrum in search of the best parts of all genders, and a new flesh suit that doesn't hurt all the time. Disabled and ready to show you the wondrous abilities in their collection, Oliver Twirl will leave you begging for more. 


Devery Bess has come a long way, having almost a decade of performance experience. Born and raised in Montreal they find themselves now based in Calgary AB. From beaches of Vancouver to the harbors of Halifax they have had the opportunity to wow and entertain crowds with their charisma, smooth moves, topped with the cheesiest of puns. They are only known as Devery Bess, and it’s a promise

Devery Bess has come a long way, having 9 years of performance experience and 15 years dance experience. Born and raised in Montreal they find themselves now based in Calgary AB. this international performer, has the title of Miss Twisted 2016 and has had opportunities of performing at many events, Such as World pride To, Interpride conferences,  fierte Confrences, Vancouver pride, Vancouver dyke march, Calgary pride, Queen city pride, Ottawa pride, Toronto pride, Red deer pride, jasper pride,  Femme Wave, Sexapolooza, Austin international drag Festival, Calgary international burlesque festival, Edmonton international burlesque festival, Cities Like New Orleans, Burlington, Montreal, Halifax, Shrebrooke, Golden, Nelson and many more, Hosts a Drag varity night a twisted element. As well As produces a monthly all ages show and Qtbipoc focused show called reverse racism. as well as one of the co founders of a production company called Ctrl Alt Drag. 





Van Damme may be new to the Cabaret stage but he doesn’t shy away from trying new things. With a background in musical theatre, he never turns down an opportunity to share his love for glitter and drama.  Born and raised in the cold north of BC, he is looking to heat things up and dazzle with his quasi professional amateur stylings


 Islander on a journey up North curious to discover other realities. I would describe myself as a laughing scientist with a love for sports, spirituality and dancing. I am excited for this opportunity to explore my idea of multiculturalism and intersectionality.


A queer/two-spirit Dene. Tender and rough, working to fuck some shit up and ground some feelings.


Growing up in a small town, Joe Davy has big dreams. He wants to buy a feather boa, dance on a real stage, cook with his grandma, and hunt 'like a man'.


Jordan is a baby queer from the prairies, heart split open and sparkles everywhere, performing is her fave pastime in this roller coaster world. Her drag king persona might leave you wanting to play with your fringes and pack for the dusty trail. Or not. Either way, howddya do?


Jules Bee is a Métis multi medium artist from so called 'British Columbia.' They currently reside on the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. Having spent a handful of winters in Dawson City, they have been exploring new creative forms including wildcrafting, willow weaving and the art of tease!


With spring in the air, this black-hearted Tłı̨chǫ bird is on the hunt for her next meal. Follow Birdie Boudoir out to her camp, deep, deep in the bush.


Cecilia A. Blossom (but you can call her Cece for short) is a newcomer to the "stage" and what better timing. With a name so nice you have to say it twice, this spicy Yellowknife born cabaret virgin will hopefully knock your thigh highs off. This busty bisexual babe has an affliction for alliteration and is a tantalizing tease. Cecilia A. Blossom, because you can call her a C.A.B. after


The North is magic and so is she. Of Inuvialuit and Gwich’in decent her ancestors woke her to spread beauty in the world. Much more than a pretty face; Arctic Rose is a healer, business owner, and force within her own right. Described as bubbly, always down for a good time and passionate- never get on her dark side. Everyone wants a spiritual woman until she’s pissed off-now she’s a witch and your scared. 


Black, native and cultureless (thanks colonialism) , from Nova Scotia, she is a caricature of herself and ever the odd one out. Raised in Montreal she discovered the village in her 20s and dreams of going back. Background is dance on and off ice. New to burlesque but not new to being sensual.


I live in the Paris of the North, Dawson City, Yukon. I love acting and modelling. From stage, to screen and fashion walkways. I have a beautiful daughter, Trinity, who follows in my footsteps in the Performing Arts. Everyday is Halloween for us, the makeup, the costumes, its our world. We love a challenge of bringing complex characters to life. Oh, and most important, we don’t leave the house without lipstick.

Gwaandak Theatre acknowledges

with deep gratitude that we are on the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwäch'än Council, and that we live, create and benefit within this territory.

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